Painting / Canvas
1969 - 1972
1973 - 1974
1975 - 1983
1984 - 2003
Painting / Paper
1972 - 2000




W E R N E R   H A N S C H E

born 7 May 1928; began studying sculpture and painting at the Mannheim Academy of the Liberal Arts 1947; left after one year; afterwards tried out various means of artistic expression (dance, mime, poetry); turned to painting again 1968; lived in Nepal and Sri Lanka from 1972 to 1974; settled in a village in the Westerwald 1976; moved to Duesseldorf 2000, where he died on 6 April 2010.

Exhibitions since 1969

Galerie Nina Schumann Baden-Baden (S); Rahmhof-Galerie Frankfurt (Main) (S); Art Galerie Ulm (S); Kunstverein Marburg (S); Staedtische Gemaeldegalerie Worms (S);Galerie Villinger Wuerzburg (S); Goethe-Institut Colombo (Sri Lanka) (S); Die Galerie Mannheim (S); Galerie Melnikow Heidelberg (S); Galerie Auberg Muelheim (Ruhr) (S); Galerie Friebe Koeln (S); Galerie Ostheimer Frankfurt (Main) (S); Orangerie Schloss Benrath Duesseldorf (S); Staedtische Galerie Goeppingen (S); Mittelrhein-Museum Koblenz (S); Parlamentarische Gesellschaft Bonn (S); Reflex Galerie Darmstadt (S); TAT (Theater am Turm) Frankfurt (Main) (S); Galerie Moehring Wiesbaden (S); Galerie Runhof Koeln (S); Sand Gallery Tucson Az. USA (S); Galerie Ressmann Mannheim (S); Galerie Kunst Essen (S); ART 13'82 Basel (Galerie Scholten Moers) (S); Galerie Doris Appelt Gevelsberg (S); ART 14'83 Basel (Galerie Scholten Moers); Galerie 27 Coburg (S); Galerie Woelffer Berlin (S); ART 16'85 Basel (Bastion-Galerie Duesseldorf) (S); Kurt-Schumacher-Sozialzentrum Essen (S); Kennedy-Haus Essen (S); Theaterkeller Sindelfingen (S); Galerie Lange Siegburg (S); Alena Adlung Gallery New York NY. USA (S); Friedman-Guinness-Gallery Heidelberg (S); Kunstfoerderkreis Bamberger Haus Muenchen (S); Galerie der Volksbank Weinheim (S); Commune di Milano Mailand; Galerie Marianne Kuehn Koeln; Struwwelpeter-Museum Frankfurt (Main); Paulskirche Frankfurt (Main); Mittelrhein-Museum Koblenz; Vestisches Museum Recklinghausen.

(S = solo exhibition)

Public and Private Collections

Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the German Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Culture; Museum Rade Hamburg; Struwwelpeter-Museum Frankfurt (Main); Vestisches Museum Recklinghausen; Stadt Goeppingen, Essen, Sindelfingen; Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften Montabaur; Sammlung Burg Lissingen. The works of Werner Hansche are to be found mainly in private collections in Germany and also in Madrid, London, Rome, Vienna, Sydney, Switzerland, France and the USA.

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